Nortel Webinar Sept 20

Benchmarking Strategies for Intrusion Prevention Systems

Get the low-down on intrusion prevention systems, deployment modes, sources of attacks, attack coverage capabilities.

E-Commerce and Internet use are growing exponentially each year, leaving unsecured networks open to devastating attacks and business consequences, and the IPS market is growing in stride.  This white paper explains what to look for in an IPS in terms of protection, performance, ease of use and reliability, and quantifying measures and benchmarks.  You'll be able to identify what software or other tools you'll need to adequately protect your network.

To learn what kind of solution you need, read more about:
  • Threats by category, including botnets, viruses, worms and more
  • IPS benchmarking model, protections and actions
  • Benchmarking performance, usage and more...
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Nortel Webinar Sept 20