Nortel Webinar Sept 20

Defending Your Network with an Intrusion Protection Solution

Learn how to monitor, detect, analyze, and defend your data assets with a complete hardware and management system from Cisco.

As Internet crime grows and hackers become more sophisticated, you need comprehensive solutions that can identify and stop today's complex threats. This case study describes one example of a complete hardware and management system, consisting of Cisco Security MARS, Cisco IPS solutions and the Cisco Security Agent. These solutions enhance security by giving network administrators more power to investigate and stop today's advanced threats.

The Cisco Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution can help you:

  • Improve your ability to monitor, detect, analyze threats and defend your network
  • Enhance network availability and improve employee productivity
  • Heighten your managers' confidence in the stability of your infrastructure

Download the following white paper to learn on how you can protect your network today.

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Nortel Webinar Sept 20