Nortel Webinar Sept 20

Intrusion Prevention at Warp 10

Protect your network without slowing it down -- Intrusion Prevention can meet the needs of 10-Gigabyte networks and still allow scalability.

If you have a high traffic network, you need a fast security system that can deal with threats to your infrastructure without slowing down the network.  Intrusion prevention systems can meet the demanding requirements of attacks on 10 gigabyte networks, while allowing some scalability for future system upgrades. 

This case study discusses one such solution, a blade-based IPS that provides inline detection and blocks malicious traffic on medium- and large-capacity networks.  Learn more about these systems by reading:

  • The Need for IPS for 10 Gigabits and Beyond
  • The Challenge of Refresh & Redeploy
  • The Scalable and Open Architecture Security System
  • The Next Generation IPS that “Grows With You”
  • The Multi-Core/Multi-Processor Advantage
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Nortel Webinar Sept 20