Nortel Webinar Sept 20

IPS: Justification and ROI

How to justify your Intrusion Prevention investment to the powers-that-be and protect your network and your bottom line.

Network intrusion prevention solutions (IPSes) are deployed in-line at the network perimeter, core or remote office. They’re designed to protect critical infrastructure by blocking internal and external attacks on the wire - after all, any interruption to a process can bring down a business-critical service or application, resulting in the loss of business availability and revenue. Implementing proactive IPS technologies will prevent network attacks, allow more efficient use of scarce security resources, and your lower operating costs.

You can justify an IPS system to your upper management using the tools in this white paper: 

  • Technologies for Network Security
  • Packet Level Protection
  • Session Level Protection
  • Application Level Protection
  • File Level Protection
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Nortel Webinar Sept 20