Nortel Webinar Sept 20

Protect Your Email in 5 Steps

Assess your email security -- is your software up to date? Are you protected from the latest malware? Read more tips of the trade inside.

Email is the cornerstone for your business, but is your email system safe?  Experts say that email attacks are increasing in frequency, and malicious files are ever more dangerous.  Meanwhile, studies have shown that even educated, tech-savvy business people don't always know how to identify malicious emails from safe ones.

This comprehensive 35-page guide will tell you the steps you need to take to protect your email infrastructure and secure not just your inbox, but the vital correspondence that provides the foundation for your entire business.

Get to the heart of your infected inboxes and learn how to: 

  • Stop spam
  • Stop viruses
  • Protect your sensitive information
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Nortel Webinar Sept 20