Security Audit RC 728x90 v2

Secure NAC Solution - A Nortel Case Study

Your network isn't secure until you've secured your end-points as well as your perimeter. This case study's careful diagrams will show you what you need to know about a successful NAC deployment.

As the network perimeter becomes more porous, IT administrators are increasingly focusing security controls on laptops, desktops and handheld endpoints to dispel access vulnerabilities. The issue of endpoint security and policy compliance has moved to the forefront of every IT and network administrator's agenda because so many threats are from internal users. Endpoint security must include remote endpoints and wired and wireless endpoints within the corporate network, where there is less control over the user's device.

Get insight into:

  • LAN endpoint access control and security enforcement

  • Secure remote VPN endpoints

  • Nortel Secure Network Access in action

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